Personalized Baby Wooden Keepsake Reminder Box - Laser Cut Memory Box Gift for a Child - Baby Shower, First Year, Birthday, Baptism


A souvenir box is a great gift for many occasions.
A gifted child can always return to souvenirs and childhood.
Look back at all the special memories that you have created together.
This beautifully personalized baby gift box is a wonderfully unique gift for a child that new parents will love!


Box dimensions: 29 cm x 24 cm x 10 cm

Wood: Beech

Personalization with Baby Name :)

Fill a strand of hair out of your first hairstyle, your first outfit or your favorite toy.
Proud parents can relive all of these special memories at any time by keeping them safe in this adorable, personalized baby box.

Perfect for both, boy and girl.
Please send us details and we will create your beautifully personalized gift for a child.

This personalized gift for a child made of high quality wood has a simple rustic look, so it looks stunning anywhere in the house.

If u have any questions, please write to us :)