Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Are your inserts glued in?

Our inserts are stuck to the card with two stripes of double sided tape. There is no need for glue to wet the insert as the paper is thick enough for tape.


  • If I place the order online for the main invite, will I be contacted in regards to different font types? It says to send an email to this email address:

If there is no special request from the customer’s side for a different font, we will use the default font type for the order. We won’t send emails asking for additional details unless absolutely necessary. This allows for you to focus more on planning your wedding and a shorter, more secure production for us.


  • Can the pre-printed guest addresses be printed on the RSVP envelopes as well as the invite envelope?

Yes. They can be printed on both the RSVP and invite envelope.


  • We are interested in purchasing X. I wanted to ask whether it is possible to customise and personalise the wording inside?

Yes. All our products can be customised and personalised inside and out.


  • I've found the invitation X. Can this be used for day and night guests, but with the wording changed?

Yes. Most of our invitations can be used as both Day and Evening invites, with different wording in one and the other. Some designs have their own Evening design, in which case you can order either one.


  • Can you confirm the postage service that you use please? I just need to know If these will need signing for?

(For UK)

Samples are sent out Royal Mail 2nd Class Large Letter or Polish Post, and then Royal Mail. No signage needed.

Personalised Orders are dispatched by default by DPD. It will need signing for.

Rush orders are shipped via overnight DHL. It will need signing for.


  • Please let me know how to pay for the courier fees.

Any additional shipping charges should be sent to us through our standard options: Bank Transfer, Our Website or Paypal. Our cost does not cover import taxes.


  • How do I personalise evening invites?

Send to us how you would like the invites to be personalised. The best way would be to e-mail us the info at

Unless otherwise stated, we will use the default font/wording color/spacing etc. as in the product picture.

Here is an example of evening invitation wording:


  • How to I go about placing my order for these and paying?

We would prefer if you place the order through our website. You can also order through email and make the payment via Bank Transfer or Paypal.


  • What colour options are available for the invites?

The color options depend on the invite. Send us an email:

We can print the wording in any color.


  • Do you know approximately what the print timescale and delivery will be?

After approval of digital proof: 10 working days production + 4 working days shipping.


  • Do you print in another language?

We can print in any language you would like. We have done orders in Arabic, Chinese, Taiwanese, Norwegian, Swedish, French, Italian, German, Polish, Spanish, Russian and others.


  • What is the expected delivery time for France?

After approval of proof: standard 10 working days production + 4 working days shipping to France.


  • Shall we place the order and create the proof?

You place the order, we create the proof.


  • Do you personalize the card as well?

Yes. Wording, cover paper, insert paper, ribbon, design. Everything.


  • When is payment made?

Payment is made when you place your order details like wording and customisation options.


  • Do these invites come with envelopes?

Yes. All personalised orders come with envelopes unless otherwise stated.


  • What reference would you like me to use for the transfer?

[Name/Surname + Product Type] eg. Invite/Book/Table Plan etc.


  • Are the envelopes additional price?

Plain white/cream envelopes (depends on what best fits the design) come with the order free.


  • When will they be sent out?

10 working days after you have accepted the proof.


  • Do the Guest Book pages have lines?

No. Plain pages.

We draw a line somewhere, just not there.