Laser Cut Covers ONLY Pocket Fold Invitations 7 colours - Pocketfold Elements, DIY Cut, 3 fold pocket, Wedding Cards Invitation


navy blue
forest green

DIY LASER CUT Folders in 6 colours
Folded Invite Size: 120 x 168 mm

This is for LASER CUT COVERS ONLY without envelopes

You can choose one of six colours or mix:
1. Ivory
2. Grey
3. Peach
4. Pink
5. Burgundy
6. Navy Blue
7. Forest Green

Do it yourself !
Beautiful invitations covers.

Invitations can be used at a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, graduation, celebrations, birthday parties & more.


The cards come in a cardboard box with bubble wrap for the card pack.

If you wish to add your own inserts we do offer to sell them plain to be printed to be found here :

We recommend sizes :

Main Insert size: 115 x 163 mm

Large Insert: 105 x 158 mm

Medium Insert: 105 x 133 mm

Small Insert: 105 x 108 mm

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